Exploration Permit ATP840P  –  Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia.

ATP 840P Map

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Clark Oil and Gas has 70% equity and is operator of ATP840P in the Surat Basin, an early stage evaluation permit with significant prospective unconventional shale gas/condensate potential. 

The acreage overlies the Taroom Trough which is the source kitchen for all the discovered hydrocarbons in the Surat Basin, and well tests and flows indicate a large unconventional gas/condensate resource exists within ATP840P.

Additional potential exists in the conventional plays of the Evergreen, Boxvale and Showgrounds Sandstone and a number of undrilled prospects have been mapped.

The prolific Walloon coals are also present in ATP 840P, and are likely to be commercially viable in the near future as the nearby CSG fields decline.

Clark Oil and Gas is preparing for a drilling campaign to start in 2014.

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Other Projects

Clark Oil and Gas continues to evalulate opportunities in onshore Australia for high value projects to build on it's established position in the Surat Basin.